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2018 Sightings

Early arrivals

24th April 2018 (Oliver Sharp)
Ainsdale, Merseyside
Ring Ouzel on our lawn off Liverpool Road Ainsdale this morning between 9:00am and 10:00am Tues 24th April. I have several very clear PHOTOS of the bird walking about and pulling worms out of our lawn. Not leg ringed.
Would appear to be rather off course and out of its usual environment.

23rd April 2018 (Paul Thorpe)
White Edge, Peak District
23/4/18 12.42 hours, I saw a pair of Ring Ouzel calling, flying, along the wall walking up to White Edge in the Peak District. It certainly looked like a breeding pair setting territory. Grid reference was SK 26502 77878
I have a couple basic photos on my phone.
Also on 18/4/18 I saw a single bird near Surprise View/Higher Tor /Burbage area
Grid reference SK 25577 81300
Hope this helps

23rd April 2018 (David Bellerby)
Cutthroat Bridge, Derbyshire
Pair of Ring Ouzels spotted on moorland in Derbyshire above Cutthroat Bridge. Just beyond Highshaw Clough.

23rd April 2018 (Michael Parker)
Penistone, South Yorkshire
0905 23/4/18 in my back garden at Penistone, South Yorkshire. Appeared to be a male.

22nd April 2018 (Stephen Berry)
Kingston-near-Lewes, in East Sussex
I saw two ring ouzels on 22 April, at around 7-45 am. Two bird were still present the following day, at around the same time. The birds were seen on the Swanborough side of Kingston Hill, just outside Kingston-near-Lewes, in East Sussex.
Last year, between 16 and 18 October, ring ouzels were also seen at almost exactly the same spot, both by me and one other observer. These sightings were reported to you at the time. I have been walking this area for 25 years on an almost daily basis but had never seen ring ouzels here before.
Might these birds include one or more of the same individuals? It would be nice to think so!

22nd April 2018 (Dafydd Pugh-Jones)
Moel Siabod, Eryri-Snowdonia
Ring Ouzel - Mwyalchen y Mynydd pair seen on south west slope of Moel Siabod, Eryri-Snowdonia
First time I’ve seen them, fantastic!

22nd April 2018 (Mike Geary)
We've seen,what we are sure is a male Ring Ouzel in our garden.It's been here since last year but was not noticed over winter but has reappeared in the past few weeks. We're in a rural location in Cheshire.

20th April 2018 (Kevin Dixon)
Ingleborough Yorkshire Dales National Park
Single Ring Ouzel on flanks of Ingleborough Yorkshire Dales National Park, Friday 20th April.
Grid reference SD 74107 74939

20th April 2018 (Bex Denniff)
Fryup North Yorkshire
3 ring ouzels on the moor at Fryup North Yorkshire on 20th April 2018. Definitely sighting confirmed by partner.

20th April 2018 (Noriko Shorney)
Criccieth, North Wales
Criccieth, North Wales, cliff top by the coast.

19th April 2018 (Rob Hannam)
Mennock Pass, Dumfries & Galloway
B797 Mennock Pass road. 7.30am. Male singing in a tree, high above Shiel Cleuch NS 846104.
Three males seen 5 minutes later in the Glen Clach / Auchengruith Crag area NS 855102, flying back and forth across the road and landing together. Didn't appear to be fighting. One heard singing soon afterwards.
So, four definite males, and another possible, farther up the Pass, heard other days.

18th April 2018 (David Taylor)
Meirionydd, Wales
Ouzel seen on southern slopes of Y Llethr in the Rhinog mountains Meirionydd 18th April at 1345hrs . GR SH 661254

18th April 2018 (Susan McAuley)
Whitby, North Yorkshire
Ouzel spotted in hedge row in field to right hand side of village pub (The Forge), Aislaby, Whitby, North Yorkshire

16th April 2018 (Terry Draper)
Felbrigg Park, North Norfolk
A pair of ring ouzels feeding on grassland at Felbrigg Park, North Norfolk. 5pm Monday 16th April 2018. Weather warm and dry. Presumably on migration to further north?

16th April 2018 (Robert Edgar)
Beachy Head, East Sussex
Certainly 3 (2 male, 1 female) plus probably an additional bird at 0900 hrs on 16.04.18 at Francis Bottom, Beachy Head, East Sussex TV 594959

15th April 2018 (David Lonsdale)
Bodium, East Sussex
15/04/2018 near Bodium East Sussex, watched a sparrow hawk kill it on the wing, no other sighting of others in vicinity.

15th April 2018 (Rachel Jackson)
Langdon Hole, Dover
April 15 2018 about 1pm. Flying low and direct, disappearing into scrubby bush then to another bush then to a third bush. Seen in flight three times, excellent views.

15th April 2018 (Andrew Macpherson)
Kimmerage Bay, Dorset
Male Ring Ouzel seen in bushes at the edge of the Car park at Kimmerage bay, Dorset.
Saw just 1. 15/4/2018. 12.45

15th April 2018 (Martin)
Snettisham, Norfolk
Snettisham beach Norfolk, between beach sea wall and second sea wall

15th April 2018 (Andy Ashdown)
Cissbury Ring, West Sussex
Reports of two Ring Ouzels at Cissbury Ring, north of Worthing in West Sussex, started to emerge on Wednesday 11th April 2018. This followed a sighting of a single bird near the seafront at Goring Gap on Tuesday 10th April.
By Friday 13th April, the sightings had increased to eight birds or more. I visited Cissbury Ring on the same day and viewed five birds including one female (for more information and pictures please see
I revisited early on Sunday 15th April and noted two males, however these soon made their way off. I was able to view the birds through a scope on this occasion and neither appeared to be ringed.

15th April 2018 (Jane Dickinson)
Brighton, Sussex
Single male seen fleetingly around 5pm on the 13th April at Hollingbury Fort [surrounded by Hollingbury Golf Course] in Brighton [TQ 31454 09122 - according to the internet...]. I went back later [8pm] and had very good views of perhaps the same individual feeding on the ground between gorse bushes.

14th April 2018 (Dave Fuhrmann)
Cholsey, Oxon
Sighting on Saturday 14th April in Cholsey, Oxon at the end of Charles Road at approx. 10.50 am.

14th April 2018 (William Parkes)
Blurton Millpond, Stoke-on-Trent (ST3)
Was seen eating bird seed I had just thrown down on the path.

14th April 2018 (Tony Westaway)
Coalville, Leicestershire
Saturday 14 April 2018: 11:45
Male Ring Ouzel at Warren Hills, near Coalville, Leicestershire.
Sorry but don't know the precise grid reference but it is close to Charnwood Lodge Nature Reserve, grid reference SK 458155
I do have some admittedly blurry photos. - we couldn't see any coloured rings.

14th April 2018 (Elaine Owen)
Stanage Edge, Derbyshire
2 Male ouzels sighted at Stanage Edge 14/4/18.

14th April 2018 (Fran Garrett)
Worthing, West Sussex
In sycamore tree singing beautifully in back garden in Ham Road, Worthing, West Sussex at 09:20 this morning!

13th April 2018 (Matt Twydell)
RSPB Broadwater Warren, Kent
I had 2 male ring ouzels at rspb Broadwater warren at 5:45pm on 13/4/18. They flew north at about 6pm off the reserve.
1 was alson seen at 2:30pm as well but could of been the same.
Grid ref -TQ554372

13th April 2018 (Steve Clemons)
Southampton, Hants
Male at Lower Test Marshes, Southampton, Hants. for 7 days (7/4/18 to 13/4/18). An occasional passage migrant here (2 brief records spring 2017).

12th April 2018 (Peter Wheeler)
Pembury, Kent
Seen today ( 13/4/18) in garden in Pembury, Kent.TN2 4LN. Eating ivy berries.

11th April 2018 (Jamie Wilkinson)
Cissbury Ring, West Sussex and Seaford, East Sussex
11/4/18: 2 Ring Ouzel on NW corner of Cissbury Ring, West Sussex.
12/4/18: 1 Ring Ouzel at Hope Gap, Seaford, East Sussex.

10th April 2018 (Adam Bolton)
Spelthorne, Staines Moor, Surrey
I work for Spelthorne council. On a site visit to Staines Moor this morning (10/04/2018) I saw a pair of Ring Ouzel, one of which I got a decent enough record photo of. The birds were in the NW corner of the site flying between mature hawthorns.
Beautiful birds.

9th April 2018 (Janet Wilkes)
Dungness, Kent
A Ring Ouzel flew up from the Desert floor, chacked a couple of times and flew into the Willow.
Recorded by Paul

9th April 2018 (Simon Davidson)
Fellside, Northern Lake District
Single ring ouzel seen on the fells near Fellside in Northern Lake District.

8th April 2018 (Rob Hannam)
Wanlockhead, Dumfries & Galloway
Two males seen along the Mennock Pass B797, near Wanlockhead, Dumfries & Galloway. One near the top of the pass, and the other near a spot called Starn Capel on the map.
A bit later than usual. The dreadful weather this year can't have helped their migration.

8th April 2018 (David Lloyd)
Ladybower, Derbyshire
Sunday 08 April 17.00 hrs. SK 203 874. Near Cut Throat bridge, above Ladybower on the A57.

7th April 2018 (Adrian Francis West)
Long Man, Wilmington, East Sussex
Male Ring Ouzel observed at Grid Ref TQ546030 just south of the Long Man of Wilmington in East Sussex on Saturday 7th April 2018 at around 4pm. Seen at the top of a Hawthorn and then heard in amonst the scrub clacking with short snatches of song. After about 10 minutes it flew up and headed due North at speed and was lost from sight.

6th April 2018 (Graham Parker)
Beddington Park, Greater London
1pm Friday 6th April by terracotta bridge, Beddington Park, SM6 7NN

6th April 2018 (James Anderson)
Weardale, Co. Durham
First sighting this year: two males and a female at a regular breeding site in Sharnberry Gill, Weardale, Co. Durham (NZ0030) on 6 April 2018
Also a pair in another breeding area along Bollihope Burn (NY9834), Weardale, Co. Durham on 6 April 2018

5th April 2018 (David Lloyd)
Higgor Tor, Derbyshire
Ring ouzel sighted at Higgor Tor, Derbyshire. 5th April 10.45 in the morning. Flying low across the moor.

4th April 2018 (Allison Brunwin)
Glastonbury Tor, Somerset
Large male Ring Ouzel in my garden on Glastonbury Tor this morning.

29th March 2018 (Jim Parren)
Dinorwic quarries, North Wales
29/3/2018 one bird upper levels at Dinorwic quarriies

26th March 2018 (Rhion Pritchard)
Carneddau, Snowdonia
Female in the Anafon Valley above Aber, Carneddau, Snowdonia, 26th March. First one back here.

24th March 2018 (James Anderson)
Newport Wetland Reserve
Male. Location. Newport Wetland Reserve Grid Reference ST370825. Right Leg BTO metal ring. Left Leg orange Darvik ring characters DC. SEE PHOTO HERE. Photographed by Blair Jones. Enhancement of the image helped to define the characters and there were no other likely contenders. Ringed as a pullus by John Strowger on 20 May 2016 in Crawley Burn on Stanhope Moor, Co. Durham (NZ0040).

17th March 2018 (Lesley Taylor)
Stoodleigh, Devon
One male ring ouzel seen in my back garden Saturday 17th March 2018, Stoodleigh area mid devon. Around my bird feeding table then went into the nearby hedge where many other birds shelter.

15th March 2018 (Hayley Coates)
Sudbury Suffolk
A single Ring Ouzel spotted in Sudbury Suffolk, on 15th March. Striking markings caught my attention out of my office window.

6th March 2018 (Diane Austin)
Milton Keynes, Bucks
Our garden in Milton Keynes, Bucks on the 06/03/2018

3rd March 2018 (Barbara Mcgrath)
Dunfermline, Fife
Sitting outside my front garden on my berry tree in Dunfermline, Fife. Was seen on the 3rd and the 4th of March 2018. This was a confirmed sighting by my husband who studies local wild birds. He nearly dropped down when we both saw it. We watched it for about 20 mins.sorry no pictures but we will try and get a photo if it comes back.

3rd March 2018 (Jennie)
Acklam, nr. Malton, N Yorkshire
Female ring ouzel spotted in Acklam, nr. Malton
First I've ever seen but hopefully not the last. So lovely to spot it but unfortunately didn't have a chance to take a photo before a female blackbird scared her away.

1st March 2018 (Clifford Reeder)
Swaffham, Norfolk
Seen today in my garden at beachamwell near swaffham

1st March 2018 (Roger Gilham)
Braintree Essex
One spotted in my garden in College Road Braintree Essex looking for food in the in the flower beds and berries that have dropped from a Rowan tree.


Winter sightings (2017/2018)

26th February 2018 (Daniel McDonagh)
Crouch, Kent
Spotted a male ring ouzel along Basted Lane, in Crouch - Kent. Made my morning; very handsome in the snow. I was passing in a work van, so apologies for the lack of information. Keep up the fine work!!!

23rd February 2018 (Sheila Faulkner)
Ringwood Hampshire
Today we had an ouzel in our garden here in Ringwood Hampshire - we have been here 43 years and it is the first time we have seen one - I'm not sure if thus it s unusual for this area, we are 10 minutes from the new forest - I hope it will come again as it was looking at the feeders with the sparrows

22nd February 2018 (Graham Addy)
Aldbrough East Yorks
22/02 2018, female Ring Ouzel at Aldbrough East Yorks this morning in the ploughed field at the side of the house.
See two Photos HERE

18th February 2018 (Catherine Hayes)
Earls Colne, Essex
A female/young male was feeding on my fat ball container today. I thought it was a thrush but the white neck was quite distinctive. It was having difficulty hanging on to the feeder and pecking the fat balls at the same time. I topped the feeder up to try and make it easier, but it seems to have gone. This is in Earls Colne, Essex, near Colchester

31st January 2018 (James Anderson)
Brompton-by-Sawdon, North Yorkshire
Male ouzel sighted regularly since 14th January. Photos on northern on 19th January.
Ouzel in sheep pasture next to church, which has many yew trees, on edge of Brompton-by-Sawdon, north Yorkshire (SE 943821).

30th January 2018 (James Anderson)
Sammy's Point, Humber Eastuary
Male 3rd calendar-year, at Sammy's Point (TA394172).
Sighted on 30 January 2018 at 11.00 hours in sunshine, in a hawthorn bush (no berries) in a pony paddock on the edge of Humber estuary.
Reported regularly on BirdGuides since 12th January.

23rd January 2018 (Albert Yome / Franz-Josef Odinius)
Alameda Botanic Gardens, Gibraltar
An uncommon and early spring migrant, a Ring Ouzel, was photographed drinking at a water fountain at The Dell in the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens today by Franz-Josef Odinius, who photographs birds in the gardens (almost?) every day. See photo HERE

22nd January 2018 (Clare Dunn)
Sandsend, North Yorkshire
Male Ring Ouzel seen feeding on grassy slopes along part of the coastal path to the north of the Wits End Cafe car park at Sandsend, North Yorkshire at midday on Monday, 22nd January, 2018

18th January 2018 (Gordon Knight)
Stanage Edge, Derbyshire
Spotted several females and one overflying male on Stanage Edge this morning (18 January). Sightings confirmed by alarm call - which my wife described as 'an upmarket quack-quack'! News to me that they overwinter here.

11th January 2018 (Charlotte Rayner)
The Needles, Isle of wight
I am a volunteer Watchkeeper at The Needles, Isle of wight. This is adjacent to the rocket site above the Battery.
On Monday I saw a male ring ouzel on the fence at our lookout.

10th January 2018 (Ken Green)
Eglwysilan Common in Mid Glamorgan
13.00 Wednesday 10th January. At least two Ring Ouzels flying between gorse bushes and feeding on the ground on Eglwysilan Common in Mid Glamorgan. Map reference OS 171 880114.

27th December 2017 (Alan Lowdon)
Bedlington, Northumberland
Spotted today (27/12/17) is my garden at Hartford Hall Estate, Bedlington, Northumberland. Male descended just after I had filled the bird feeders and remained on the lawn for 15 minutes.

14th December 2017 (Claire Srodzinski)
Mynydd Meio, Caerphilly South Wales
Seems unlikely but believe I spotted one today 14.12.17 on Mynydd Meio, Caerphilly South Wales. 51°35'12.9"N 3°17'06.6"W, 51.586924, -3.285170.

11th-12th December 2017 (Kevin Matthias)
Llanellen, Abergavenny
Rear garden of my property after heavy snowfall.
Several trays of sunflower seed placed on snow. Bird observed several times over 2 days feeding on seeds in company with chaffinches, goldfinches, brambling and both male and female blackbirds.
Bird had distinctive gorget which was cream rather than white.

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