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2023/2024 Sightings

Spring/Summer breeding 2024

26th June 2024 (David Godfrey)
Dollywagon Pike, Lake District
South slope of Dollywagon Pike. viewing location what3words: suprise.trifle.invoices. One Ring Ouzel probably male.

20th June 2024 (Tom Bailey)
Kirkstone Pass, Lake District
Sighted and heard 1 ring ouzel moving amongst rocks and juniper bushes on N.E. face of Red Screes above Kirkstone Pass.

18th June 2024 (Paula Olde-Wolbers)
Keppoch, Strathaird, Isle of Skye
The sighting was of a definite male Ring Ouzel (one), but only a possible for a female. The location of the sighting is at Keppoch, Strathaird, Isle of Skye. The sighting is just below an escarpment called An Carnach.

12th June 2024 (Tom Bailey)
Great End fell, Lake District
Ring Ouzel heard calling on eastern cliff face of Great End fell in Lake District

11th June 2024 (David Godfrey)
Meall Garbh, Scottish Highlands
West side of Meall Garbh. NN 576 384. Sex unknown, single Ring Ouzel, distant view.

10th June 2024 (Phill Andrews)
Bainbridge, Yorkshire Dales
Seenin the Bainbridge area of the Yorkshire Dales.
Great photo of this bird HERE, with kind permission from Phill Andrews.

4th June 2024 (Chris Noakes)
Trum Y Ddysgl, Nantlle ridge
Male seen at Trum Y Ddysgl on the Nantlle ridge on14th June 20024.

23rd May 2024 Ruth Craig)
Cowan Bridge, Lancashire
Heard on Merlin app at Cowan Bridge, Lancashire

21st May 2024 (Mark Etheridge)
Stanage Edge, Bamford, Derbyshire
Male bird.Stanage Edge.
Right Leg ring colours. One white.
Left Leg ring colours. Blue on top of two red
Gathering worms etc from heather on Hallam moors moorland of Stanage Edge

20th May 2024 (Roger Frank Beech)
Mold North Wales
Suburban garden with nearby woods and open grassland.

18th May 2024 (Meg Stark)
Gunnerside Gill, North Yorkshire
Male seen flying down-stream above the gill.

18th May 2024 (Simone Webber)
Black-a-Tor, Dartmoor
Black-a-Tor, on the copse side amongst the rocks, male ring ouzel

14th May 2024 (Thomas Riley)
Maol Chinn Dearg mountain in NW Scotland
Ring Ouzel song heard from Maol Chinn Dearg mountain in NW Scotland on

13th May 2024 (Thomas Riley)
A' Chralaig mountain in NW Scotland
Ring Ouzel song heard from the summit of A' Chralaig mountain in NW Scotland on 13/05/2024.

13th May 2024 (Rob Hannam)
Auchengruith Craig, Mennock Pass
Male spotted (with the help of someone who had a telescope) on slopes of Auchengruith Craig, Mennock Pass road B797. Heard but not seen since the 9th. Possible pair there

6th May 2024 (Shaila Rao)
Cairngorms National Park
A fascinating set of video clips of a Ring Ouzel caught on a 'perg plucking/perching' rock in the Cairngorms NP.
The camera was set up at a peregrine site as part of a survey of pergs in the NP.
Kind acknowledgements to Shaila Rao, NTS, Cairngorms National Park.

5th May 2024 (William Davis)
Adult male flushed and flying to bush, giving characteristic alarm call. 5 May 2024, c 5:45 pm, on moorland at c 350m, SE of Lang How, (NY 31835 07043) above Easedale and Grasmere in Cumbria.

5th May 2024 (Jane Calvert)
Pike O'Blisco, Lake District
Single visible bird calling, hopping and flitting around on rocky ledges in the environs of Pike O'Blisco in the Lake District. Heard and sighted about 12noon today Sunday 5th May 2024. We're completely confident it was a ring ouzel, and call was confirmed by the Merlin app. We watched it for about 10 minutes. Further calling was heard later, but we had no further sightings.

4th May 2024 (Sally Leyland)
Nantlle Ridge Eryri (Snowdonia) National Park
Sighted and heard 1 x ring ouzel for 15 minutes with recordings in at Nantlle Ridge Eryri (Snowdonia) National Park. Landed on ridge approx. 20 m from us.

2nd May 2024 (Paul Walton)
Kinder Scout, Peak District
Single bird @ The Three Knolls, Kinder Scout, Peak District. NGR 074872. Time 08.30. Hopping along path 5m away.


Early Arrivals 2024

29th April 2024 (Thomas Riley)
Hathersage Moor, Derbyshire
I saw a pair of ring ouzels on Hathersage Moor on 29/04/2024

24th April 2024 (Rob Lidstone-Scott)
Tresco, Isles of Scilly
Single bird seenn.

23rd April 2024 (Steve Culverhouse)
Blaenau Ffestiniog
Single bird singing from boulders 23/4/24. Eryri, below Yr Garnedd above Blaenau Ffestiniog at SH 743 428

21st April 2024 (Antony Pooles)
Derwent Edge, Derbyshire
Derwent Edge just south of Whinstone Lee Tor.
A pair of Ring Ouzel gathering nest material and visiting a possible nest site in heather just south of Whinstone Lee Tor. One bird (we think the male) was ringed a yellow ring on left leg and the person I was with also stated they thought there was a red/orange ring on the same leg but was unsure if above or below the yellow. Right leg unseen

20 April 2024 (John Kerley)
Castleton, Derbyshire
3 seen above Speedwell cavern above Castleton. 20/04/24 8am. Also two more in similar area 2 hours later.

18 April 2024 (Helen Edworthy)
Winkleigh Woods, Devon
Not seen but heard using Merlin app today, 18th April 2024, in Winkleigh Woods in Devon, EX19 8LD - grid reference SS645085

16 April 2024 (Tom Brunt)
Kinder Scout, Peak District
Upper Ashop, Kinder Scout (northern side)
Grid reference: SK 142890
Pair seen on the moor and around the stream just above the enclosure at Upper Ashop farmhouse. Flying, calling, very active.

15 April 2024 (John Boston)
Holcombe, Somerset
Definite sighting of Ring Ouzel while driving through Holcombe in Somerset BA3 5EW 0930 Monday 15 April. Perched on hedge at roadside in outer village location.

13 April 2024 (Liam Spencer)
Rossendale, Lancs
Single bird. On the hills above Haslingden Grange in Rossendale. Approx location 53.6877975, -2.3643066

12 April 2024 (Louise Hoggins)
Presteigne, Mid Wales
Mid Wales, above Presteigne at 270m, 0830, 12 April 2024. Probably make but uncertain. Foraging on the ground in a grassy wet empty field, two male blackbirds in vicinity. Moderately strong south westerly winds for several days preceded the sighting.

9 April 2024 (Tom Brunt)
Bamford Moor, Peak District
Jervis Clough (south side), Bamford Moor, Peak District. SK 213863. One male singing loudly
Don’t know if this is one of the birds nesting at Stanage?

6 April 2024 (Helen Connor)
Bude, Cornwall
A male Ring Ouzel landed in our garden Saturday 6th April 2024 ... we live in 6 acres of countryside inland from Bude. Our closest village is Whitstone though we live in the middle of nowhere surrounded by farmland. What3words = habit.bonkers.shave He was hopping about not far from the upper reaches of the River Tamar which is one of our boundaries... visible from our house. It's quite a wet area - especially recently with all this rain!
I have a video... only taken with my phone on zoom though. I've never seen one before ever :)

1 April 2024 (Chris Teasdale)
Pal Y Cwrt, Carmarthenshire
SN 68785 18581 Near Pal Y Cwrt. 01/04/24 Male & Female pair. Observed for 30 minutes. Also seen by others in preceeding days

30 March 2024 (Paula Shipway)
Eary Cushlin, Isle of Man
I saw and photographed a Ring Ouzel from the window of a Holiday House, Eary Cushlin, SC223757, on the Isle of Man on Saturday, 30th March, 2024. It spent the morning in the vicinity of the house but was not seen after that.
See TWO PHOTOS HERE. The bird was first spotted by my 9 year old grandson Harley Shipway from the window of their holiday house. Well spotted Harley!

30 March 2024 (Tom Brunt)
Swaledale, North Yorks
Saturday March 30, Gunnerside Gill, Swaledale (NY 939 014)
Pair of Ring Ouzels seen on the rocks and flying around the old lead mine workings (Bunton Hush).

30 March 2024 (Robert Parkin)
Stanage Edge, Derbyshire
Female. Stanage Edge. Left Leg ring colours. Blue

30 March 2024 (Julie Watson)
Ardnamurchan, West Highlands
1 male ring ouzel. Ben Hiant, Ardnamurchan

27 March 2023 (G Jonathan Wright)
Burnham Market, King's Lynn
Male seen in the garden. 0800hrs 27.03.2024. 15 Kestrel Cl, Burnham Market, King's Lynn PE31 8EF

11 March 2024 (Sheila Howell)
Caterham on the Hill, Surrey
Seen a Ring Ouzel in our back garden Caterham on the hill CR3 5LU at 8.30 am 11/3/2024


Winter sightings (2023/2024)

24th February 2024 (Robert Simmonds)
St Albans
Single bird spotted 24/2/24 at 7am in Jersey farm (a residential area on the edge of St Albans)

13th February 2024 (Hilary Hughes)
Saltash, Devon
Single ring ouzel seen in garden at Coombe Road, Saltash PL12 4ER yesterday at 1530. Chased off by blackbirds but I had a good look at it through binoculars.

12th February 2024 (Ms.Ting Lan Chiee)
Rhossili, Swansea, West Glamorgan
A Leucistic blackbird spotted and photographed. See photo HERE

8th January 2024 (Brian Williams)
Newent, Bradfords Lane
Over the past 3-4 years we have regularly seen a male and female Ring Ouzel in the arboretum at Newent, Bradfords Lane GL18 1QN.

Autumn migration (2023)

21st November 2023 (Sara P)
Barnes, London
Singing from a tree close to the pond in Wyatt Drive, Barnes, London SW13 very close to London Wetlands Centre

7th November 2023 (Brian Leslie)
Langdale Cumbria
n a hawthorn by a path on the from Side Pike to the NT car Park above Blea Tarn in Langdale Cumbria.

7th November 2023 (Judith Day)
Glyndyfrdwy, Denbighshire
Approx 16.00 on upland between Bryneglwys and Glyndyfrdwy, Denbighshire. A pair of ring ouzels flying together in front of my car along the mountain road. Eventually they settled on a small tree so it was possible to see them clearly.

7th November 2023 (Wayne Tancock)
Trawden Lancashire
16 28. Ring ouzel see in garden of great hill farm Trawden Lancashire. 7. 11. 23

4th November 2023 (Charles Bennett)
Aylsham Norfolk
Feeding in my garden Aylsham Norfolk single bird mid afternoon

3rd November 2023 (Rob Hannam)
Wanlockhead, Dumfries & Galloway
Early morning. Spotted a male Ouzel briefly perching in a tree next to my garden. No idea why it was still around at this time of year

3rd November 2023 (Nicola McCreadie)
Askrigg, North Yorkshire
Dead. It flew into the living room window.

3rd November 2023 (Andrea H Goddard)
Monadhliath mountains, Cairngorms
Female ring ouzel alongside the main track dissecting Farr Estate in the Monadhliath mountains, nr Inverness. Bold and showy it was flying between some juniper bushes. Never seen one so late so presume it to be either a late fledgling or nesting adult which has been held back from migrating by the easterly winds and storms we've had of late.

30th October 2023 (Michael Peter Gordon)
Brighton and Hove, Sussex
I saw a male Ring Ouzel in Hove Park , City of Brighton and Hove , yesterday (Monday 30th October 2023) It alighted on a bird feeder hanging on a tree by the miniature railway .It did not feed . It was only in sight for about 10 seconds then it flew away .

28th October 2023 (Gavin Ratcliff)
East Preston, West Sussex
There has been a female ring ouzel in my garden on the 28/10/23 and 29/10/23.
I live in East Preston near Littlehampton in West Sussex.

28th October 2023 (Debbie Bailey)
Cadair Idris, Snowdonia
Male seen near the summit cairn of Cadair Idris in Snowdonia national park.

23rd October 2023 (Mark Tucker)
North Somerset!
Female ring ouzel feeding on Rowan tree berries in our front garden.

15th October 2023 (Victoria Gregory)
East Chiltington, Sussex
East Chiltington, Sussex BN7 3QS around 10am, seen with binnoculars in the garden

14th October 2023 (Mary Burman)
Soussons Forest, Dartmoor
Watched a pair which perched in one tree and then another near me, before flying off out of sight, so I had good views to observe these wonderful birds.
Just on the west side of Soussons Forest, Dartmoor Saturday 14th October 9.30am

11th October 2023 (Christopher Watson)
Whitelyne Common, Cumbria
Single bird spotted at Sighty Crag East of Whitelyne Common, Cumbria

8th October 2023 (Phil Clode)
Leven, Yorkshire
A male Ring Ouzel has been visiting my mother-in-law's garden in Leven, East Riding of Yorkshire frequently for the last few days. I have taken several photos of it eating berries in a Cotoneaster bush.

9th September 2023 (Nichola Duncan)
Kennacraig, Western Scotland
Juvenile female on rocks at Kennacraig ferry terminal . Could not take photo as was driving. Stance like a blackbird but such clear lines and markings on the wings especially.


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